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 "Shirley is so apt in her ability to clearly and coherently present concepts that even a staunch skeptic would pause to reflect. Her openness, quiet composure and appropriate use of examples coaxes and nudges the gray matter to expand and experience new connections. The next generation of physicians will need great awareness of alternative as well as traditional, western medical, curing methods. Her presentation was a fantastic start for them."
- Jane J. Fanning, EdD, ARNP, CS, Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, FL


Designed for Specific Audiences with Continuing Education Credits
of 1 to 48 Hours Offered

bulletCombining Conventional Medicine and Complementary Care
bulletCreativity: Coming Alive with Meaning & Purpose
bulletCreating A Private Practice in Mind/Body Healthcare
bulletThe Healing Power of Presence: Therapeutic Presence
bulletDress Rehearsal for Surgery: Prepared Surgery for Enhanced Comfort & Recovery
bulletThe Fine Arts of Relaxation and Stress Management
bulletCaring for the Caregiver
Nurturing the Nurse
Ministering to Administrators
bulletTibetan Buddhist Medicine:
A Transcultural Experience in
Intention and Compassion
bulletTransformational Leadership
bulletMindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life.
bulletBack to the Roots of Nursing: Introduction to Holistic Nursing and Mind/Body Health
bulletTherapeutic Touch: Introductory, Basic, Intermediate or Advanced
bulletComplementary Therapies for Menopause Management
bulletGuided Imagery: The Power of Imagination to Improve Health & Well-Being
bulletThe Mentorship Program in Holistic Nursing and Mind/Body Healthcare
bulletWalking The Labyrinth: Sacred Patterns, Sacred Paths
bulletEnhancing the Divine Within: Developing Spirituality Groups for Healthcare Professionals