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What People Are Saying About IHCS....

Quotes from letters and evaluations after conferences, lectures and workshops
given by Shirley Spear Begley:

- "Wonderful presenter! An exemplary holistic nurse and educator."

- "Your words are like a new transfusion of energy.
Thank you immensely."

- "Shirley's gentle spirit is a wonderful gift."

- "Your presentation left me charged with a new energy
and direction in my life."

- "Your message had a great balance in terms of work
and fun."

- "Your words were spiritual food for me."

- "Your class was equivalent in value to 2 years of reading
I'd done on my own."

- "Your teaching style possesses clarity, making involved
concepts easy for the beginner, yet enhancing insights
for the experienced."

- "Your words give me hope for our future, the life of
the planet and my part in it all."

- "The knowledge and sincerity of Shirley's teaching was most imipressive to me. She leaves
you with no doubt in the efficacy of ...(these methods).  The seminar was MORE than I expected!"

- "Shirley helped me get in touch with my innate self and that is what I hoped to accomplish."
NK, Veterinarian 

- "Shirley's course was a life-altering experience for me."