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Therapeutic Touch Practicum

March 201 Basic TT, TT Practicum and Healing Retreat

On-Going Groups in Therapeutic Touch

On-going classes leading to National Credential in Therapeutic Touch. Meets twice monthly and provides mentorship criteria leading to a national credential in Therapeutic Touch (Qualified TherapeuticTouch Practitioner, QTTP) as awarded by Nurse Healers-Professional Associates
International, Inc, (NH-PAI) the official organization of Therapeutic Touch. 

These classes are designed to provide mentoring, supervision and quality practice in Therapeutic Touch leading to the national credential of Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (TTP). Each group meets twice monthly in 3 different locations for your convenience:
Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Shirley is recognized by NH-PAI as an advanced practitioner/educator and mentor of Therapeutic Touch and was selected by Dr. Krieger as one of 8 nationally to mentor students in Dr Krieger's annual Eastern US TT Mentorship Program.  She is fully qualified to mentor practitioners and teachers in the TT process.

The Mentorship Program in Holistic Nursing and Healthcare 
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This Programs supports those studying holistic nursing or healthcare and is an opportunity to integrate
foundational concepts into clinical practice with the guidance of an experienced holistic nurse mentor.
On-Going Programs are available on-site, by internet and telephone, or as weekend seminars. Please call for further information