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"Many nurses know the terminology that accompanies holistic
nursing, but to my knowledge, few have the excellent experiential
base that Shirley has in this work. My students consistently
rate her  teaching as excellent. She is indeed a gifted
educator and practitioner."

- Joyce Larson-Presswalla, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor,
USF College of Nursing, Tampa, FL


Two Mentorship Programs leading to National Credentials are available through IHCS.

1) The Certificate Program in Holistic Nursing & Healthcare

2) The Therapeutic Touch Mentorship Program

Various levels of development within each program are offered and include:

- Basic courses to become a Qualified Practitioner

- Courses leading to Certification, Credentialing and Re-Certification

- Courses leading to credential to become a Qualified Teacher


The Mentorship Program
"Preparing for the New Healthcare - Integrative Medicine!"
with Shirley Spear Begley
and an Internationally-Recognized Faculty:

Dr. Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN
Dr. Elizabeth M. Barrett, PhD, RN
Dr. Dorothy Woods Smith, PhD, RN
Dr. Joel Levey, PhD and Michelle Levey, MA
Nonie I. Muller, MSN, RN

and other experts in the field

IHCS is available to provide On-Site Education Courses. Please call for further details

The Certificate Program in Holistic Nursing and Healthcare is 2 consecutive courses plus a Mentorship Program for integration of concepts into clinical practice. Participants may take from one to five Programs. This Program is based on the Core Curriculum designed to meet the guidelines for Board Certification in Holistic Nursing as set by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, these programs provide the required minimum 48 Contact Hours in Holistic Nursing necessary to sit for the national examination.

Program Structure

Program I -   The Healing Art of Caring   (24 CE's) Core Curriculum at Introductory Level
Program II - Mentorship Program - Please see description below
Program III -  Toward An Integrated Approach  (24 CE's) Intermediate Core Curriculum
Program IV - Review Course  - (8 CE's)  Approximately 6 weeks before the twice yearly American Holistic Nurses National Certification Examination, which is offered annually in March and October, a one day refresher course will be provided in support of those nurses preparing to sit for the examination.
Program V - Re-Certification Course - Advances in Holistic Nursing - Provides continuing education credits necessary to renew Board Certification in Holistic Nursing 

This Certificate Program is open to not only nurses, but other healthcare professionals wishing to obtain an in-depth understanding of integrative healthcare, holism, mind-body and complementary therapies and their integration into conventional medicine and nursing. The body of language and knowledge relating to holistic nursing concepts and philosophies will provide the foundation for this program, yet content is understandable and applicable for all interested professionals.

For those wishing to obtain the Certificate in Holistic Nursing and Healthcare, The Mentorship Program must be completed. A Practicum Project is selected by each participant, and will provide an on-going connection and integration of the material into one's personal and professional life between sessions. Projects relating to personal or professional interests in holism will be selected and are to be completed outside of classes. Reading materials will be provided and students will work with a mentor.

Although Programs I & III meet the 48 hour continuing education requirement necessary to apply for the national examination, further education through the Mentorship Program is recommended to students, whether interested in Board Certification or not.  This additional component provides for individual mentoring in holistic nursing with an experienced holistic nurse mentor.

A Certificate in Holistic Nursing or Holistic Health will be awarded to all participants completing ProgramsII & III, which includes The Mentorship Program. Additionally, 48 Continuing Education Credits for nurses, social workers, mental health counselors & licensed massage therapists may be awarded for the combination of Programs I & III. The Mentorship Program is generally 16 contact hours over a 4 month time frame. Other customized programs are available to meet individual students or organization’s needs.

This Program prepares nurses to sit for the National Certification Exam in Holistic Nursing.
Those completing 48 contact hours and the qualitative examination, after one year of holistic nursing practice will be qualified to take the national Board Certification examination in Holistic Nursing and with a passing score will be awarded board-certification (HN-BC) by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation. Holistic Nursing Certification Examination offered by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation in March & October of each year in a location near you.


Program Highlights

These Programs are:
1. Open to all healthcare professionals. The Program provides training for those wishing to learn the foundations of holism and provides an in-depth knowledge base. Certificates and continuing education credits recognized by all states will be awarded to participants who complete the course.

2. The series of 2 Programs prepare nurses to meet the continuing education requirements to sit for the National Certification Examination in Holistic Nursing as awarded by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation.

3. Program time frames allow for incorporation of Holistic Nursing and Integrative Healthcare Principles into one's personal and professional life.

4. Mentorship Program - Out of classroom learning enhanced with individually designed Special Projects and mentoring in person when possible, and by internet and phone for those not located in the Tampa Bay Area.

5. Early Registration Discounts. Payment Plans Available. Pre-Registration Required.

6. Customized Programs are designed to meet the needs of both individuals and institutions.

Please call Integrated Health Care Systems, Inc and ask for Shirley Spear Begley at (727) 867-2666 Ext 1 or for more information


A Mentorship Program in Therapeutic Touch
Two Credentialing Programs are available:

Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP)
Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher (QTTT)

Mentorships are available for those outside the West Coast Florida area.  Please contact Shirley for further details that will meet your specific needs.

Qualified Therapeutic Touch Credentialing Program

Become a Nationally Credentialed Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner!

Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, Inc. (NH-PAI), the official organization of Therapeutic Touch  now provides national credentialing in TT. As integrative and complementary healthcare becomes more respected, credentialing in these fields become more desired as a means of validating the learning of a practitioner of these methods. Medical Centers and other institutions are looking for credentials in various modalities before allowing their staff members to practice these methods within their clinical settings. Further insurance companies are also looking for credentialed practitioners before providing third party reimbursement. Most importantly, the integrity of Therapeutic Touch will be maintained when practiced by experienced practitioners mentored by those advanced in the field and taught by qualified TT educators.

Many lay people (versus healthcare providers) take Therapeutic Touch and utilize these methods with family and friends.  A Layperson is able to go through the credentialing process also, although before "hanging out a shingle to practice Therapeutic Touch" one must check with State Laws to know what licenses allow one "to use methods that include touch" in your state.  Please contact Shirley for guidance and further information regarding your unique circumstances.

Shirley Spear Begley is a national presenter on Therapeutic Touch (TT) and has taught thousands this method over the years. She is recognized by Therapeutic Touch International Association/Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International as an Qualified Therapeutic Touch practitioner, teacher and mentor (QTTT).  She sits on the Education Committee of the organization, lending her expertise to the development of policies and procedures regarding the inclusion of Therapeutic Touch in integrative healthcare.

Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, Professor Emerita, New York University, and co-creator of Therapeutic Touch, initiated the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program at Pumpkin Hollow and Indralaya Retreat Centers.  Shirley was selected by Dr. Krieger first as Mentor, then Coordinator and worked with her for many years in the development of the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program. In 2009, Dr. Krieger selected Shirley as the Program’s Director. This program is now offered in Florida annually in March.

Preliminary Requirement:    16 Hour Basic Therapeutic Touch Course (See Basic Therapeutic Touch I & II)

To apply for National Credential, completion of the following will be necessary:

1. Basic TT Course
2. Year long Practicum and Therapeutic Touch Mentorship
3.  Intermediate TT

Please contact Shirley for more information and to see how you might begin
the process.

Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher

For those who have practiced Therapeutic Touch consistently over a number of years, there is a   Mentorship Program created by Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International and taught by Shirley Spear Begley that is available to guide a student through the process of becoming a Qualified Teacher at the International level.  As students often live in various states, a program that meets your needs can be individually arranged.

Please contact
Shirley for further discussion and information.