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 Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program©
and Retreat

DaySpring Conference Center,
Ellenton, Florida
March 23 – 28, 2018


“Marvelous and MOVING...A Treasured Experience."



"Mentorship reflects & draws out of each of us our own Beauty, Strength & Wisdom."    



 What Makes Mentorship Unique?
     The Path and The Practice of Therapeutic Touch

The Path

  • Explore the PATH  of becoming an AUTHENTIC HEALER
  • Enhance Self-Healing and Energy Flow Perception
  • Develop More Peace on Your Inner TT Journey
  • Ways to Compassionately Face Individual Life Issues with Balance
  • Ceremonies, Kripalu Yoga, Kum Nye, and Guided Meditations 

  The Practice

  • Mentoring to Gain Confidence & More Knowledge for any Therapeutic Touch Project
  • Develop your Next Steps through Collaboration and Support with
  • Experienced Mentors and Experienced Participants 
  • One-on-One Mentoring/Individualized Course Content based on Your Application Supporting You to Attain Your Goals

   The Amazing Setting

  • Healing Retreat is built into each day's schedule: Reflective Time in Nature, plus labyrinth, pool, river, canoes, kayaks, trails, oak canopy sunny, temperate weather!

Who Should Attend?
Both Experienced TT’ers (QTTTs also join us!) and Newer Students
(Pre-requisite Fountations of TT (formerly Basic TT)


Bev Zabler, PhD, RN, FNP, CMT, Assistant Dean University of Wisconsin

Shirley Spear Begley, RN, BFA, HNB-BC, NCTMB, QTTT, Program Director

Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, Professor Emerita, New Your University and Co-creator of TT (via DVD)
Plus Additional Selected Experienced Mentors each year – 2018 TBA




This program runs during the same days as the Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Program  (TT 101)

Bring a Friend to Share the Experience!

HAVE A FRIEND who would like to learn TT?  Share a room and have them attend our Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Seminar (16 CE) followed by 3 Day Practicum & Healing Retreat (14 CE) while you attend the 5 day TT Invitational Mentorship Program & Retreat. 


A 5 Day Intensive 
Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program and Retreat

“Mentorship reflects and draws out of each of us our own beauty, strength and wisdom.”


What is This Program? 

The Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program and Retreat was developed to provide mentoring and allow reflective time to individually explore and develop the next steps on Your TT Journey. This Program was designed to meet both personal and professional needs which may arise for TT practitioners and teachers at all levels of expertise, both with long time experience or those new to TT. Program content is individualized on the basis of your application and interests. The learning and teaching environment is a cooperative venture between Teachers, Mentors and Participants to bring new awareness and abilities.  The format is inclusive and encourages collaboration and sharing.
   Those newer to TT may be seeking confidence to further develop skills. Our mentoring methods enhance your ability to assess and respond to the person and cues in their energy field in a more in-depth manner.          
   Advanced practitioners interact with other experienced TT therapists to connect and explore pre-determined topics of interest to practitioners within the Program’s structure. Our creative and accomplished faculty has extensive experience in the clinical practice, teaching and mentoring of the TT process, research, meditation, group facilitation, holistic nursing and and integrative healthcare methods to incorporate with TT.
   All Program educational offerings meet criteria for international Therapeutic Touch credentialing and recertification CEs for renewal for those already credentialed as Qualified TT Practitioners and Qualified TT Teachers. 

  The Therapeutic Touch Mentorship Program is offered within a transpersonal framework. Mentorship draws out of each of us our own beauty, strength and wisdom.  We will take advantage of the exceptional natural setting for reflection and renewal. DaySpring is a unique 99 acre property on the Manatee River in Parrish, FL, an hour from the Tampa International Airport.  Time is incorporated each afternoon for you to visit the pool, river, labyrinth and walks. All activities including canoeing or kayaking are available at no additional cost.  Retreat Time to “go within” encourages self-healing through discovery and deeper awareness of your needs on Your INNER TT Journey. Various self-care methods will be offered for exploration including experts leading us in the methods of centering, breathwork, kum nye, imagery and more.

Why Should I Attend? 
    Within a small group setting, our Therapeutic Touch Mentors and Teachers work with you to support your individual learning, to enhance and deepen your TT experience. You will take home new skills, broaden your knowledge base, hone powers of observation and intuition through connection with the inner self, gain confidence in applying TT within a variety of clinical settings, learn about starting a private practice, develop your teaching and mentoring skills and more. Support in completing documentation of the TT process is provided. For those interested in national TT credentialing, guidance and mentoring is offered.  If you are working with a Mentor in your area already, communication with your Mentor is facilitated to enhance your entire mentoring experience. If you are looking for a Mentor, we offer a variety of programs to work with you on a continuing basis, including long distance mentoring.  If you are a more advanced TT Practitioner and/or Teacher/Mentor, various topics and aspects of TT and its application are discussed and examined with like-minded, experienced TT therapists. (See “Program Methods for Experienced Practitioners and Teachers” below.) 
From Previous Participants 
        “The environment of compassion, understanding and caring support created an incredible framework for learning. This modeled the TT experience in a deeply satisfying manner.”
       “I was able to ‘fill in the gaps’ in my learning and practice. My effectiveness has grown enormously.”
       “Without a doubt, this Mentorship has been a deeply propelling force in my TT journey. I am practicing now with confidence.”
       “The reflective time was essential for integration and looking within.”   
      “The Mentors were experienced, knowledgeable, inspiring and encouraging. They were so hard-working, dedicated and committed to our success.”
      “Besides being meaningful, rewarding, and powerful, it was GREAT FUN!”  
       “The thoughtful blending of teaching techniques, the progression of the content and the small group sizes all combined to achieve the remarkable results shown by the Participants.”
       “I saw the innate power of TT change the life of a human being right before my eyes. This is a rare happening and I was thrilled to be part of it.”

Program Director and Mentors 
Shirley Spear Begley, RN, BFA, HNB-BC, QTTT, NCTMB, Director, selected by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN  
Bev Zabler, PhD, RN, CMT, Assistant Dean,  Assistant Clinical Nursing Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Experienced Teacher and Mentor.  LINK to Bios 

Adjunct Faculty Varies with Program Extracurriculars Each Year. These activities include methods to enhance sensitivity to energetic flows. They may include Kum Nye, Breathwork, Guided Imagery and Music among others.

"I have often thought this Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program is the best TT program we have."   Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN 

Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, Professor Emerita Nursing Science, New York University, and co-creator of Therapeutic Touch, initiated the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Programs at Pumpkin Hollow and Indralaya Retreat Centers.  Shirley Spear Begley was selected by Dr. Krieger first as Mentor, then Coordinator and worked with her for many years in the development of the Program at PHRC.  In 2009, Dr. Krieger selected Shirley as the Program's Director. Through her own organization, Shirley has taught TT Invitational Mentorship Programs and Healing Retreats for 18 years. This Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program and Retreat at DaySpring is a combination of both program formats, annually receiving excellent reviews from program evaluations. She has taught bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly TT Mentorships since 1994.

Program Methods* 
Individualized Learning over an Intensive 5 Day Period
One-on-one Pre- and Post-Mentorship Interviews
Focus on Your Specific Needs through Small Group Discussions and Mentoring 
Interactive Seminars and TT Exercises
Panel Discussions
Supervised Clinical Practice, with TT sessions for Program Participants
Dr. Krieger’s Lectures seen on DVD
Centering, Meditation and Movement to enhance intuition and sensitivity to energy flows
Self-Healing Exercises  
Time for Reflection and Self-Care in a Beautiful, Natural Setting

*Program Methods For Experienced Practitioners and Teachers 
(For those having taken Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced and had minimally 3 years consistent TT practice.)
Discussions cover advanced TT topics based on participants’ areas of interest, e.g. Transpersonal Healing and the Inner Self, Psycho-spiritual Concerns and The Sanctuary Project, TT With Specific Populations: Utilizing TT in Hospice and Caring for the Dying, TT for People with History of Abuse, Therapeutic Touch and Veterans, Therapies to Integrate with TT in Private Practice, Ethical Considerations in Modern Medical Care, Offering TT Courses in Conventional Settings, Select Foundations in Holistic Nursing, Self-Care and Healing through Therapeutic Touch, How Spiritual Practices Inform the TT Process, Transformative Processes and the Inner TT Journey, Creating a Private Practice, among others.

Important Details
For Photos of DaySpring Conference Center, go to this link. LINK

Program Pre-requisite
 A 12-Hour “Foundations of Therapeutic Touch” course (formerly Basic TT) minimum.

30 CEs: State of Florida Approved CEs provided for 
Registered and Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists 
Licensed Massage Therapists 
Licensed Social Workers
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists 
Licensed Mental Health Counselors 
Other Professionals ~ CEs Available ~ Contact Us for Details
Most States offer reciprocity of continuing education courses approved by Florida’s State Boards. It is recommended that you Check with your State Board to be sure.

Laypersons Welcome!!!

Acceptance to the Program is by Application Only.  All are Encouraged to Apply.  (Please contact Shirley at the info below if unsure you qualify.)
(Click Here for PDF) 

**TT Mentorship Program Registration Information**   

Course Information and Policies

Early Registration Discounts and Payment Plans Available!!
Registration Must Be Postmarked by the Dates Listed Below
Online Payments by PayPal will include a  $12.00 transaction fee over the cost of the Registration


RESIDENTIAL Registration Fees (If You Plan to Stay at DaySpring)  
Full Registration includes All Program Fees and Certificate. :  For 30 CEs add $25
$450 ($100 Discount!) ~ The “Early Bird” Special Discount Registration (Paid in Full by November 1, 2017) 
$550 ~ Full Registration  ~ (Postmarked By January 1, 2018)
Late Registration  ~ Call for availability. 
Payment Plans Available

COMMUTERS ONLY - (If You Do Not Plan to Stay at the DaySpring) 
(ADD $100 for resort use to the TT Program registration fees plus Breakfast $8, Lunch $10, Dinner $15 for each day you plan to eat meals at DaySpring. All 3 Meals are $33/day.) Meals must be arranged in advance.

Registration Form Here 

ROOM RATES - Room and Board Rates are in addition to TT Mentorship Program Fees.  
Conference Center fees include Room Rates include your room, bath, linens, 3 meals per day and use of all amenities and activities during your stay.

Private Rooms:  $130 per person per night or $650 for 5 nights with private bath and linens.
Shared Rooms: $94 per person per night or $470 for 5 nights. (2 persons per room). Linens Provided. Some rooms share bath with another room’s occupants.  Roommate Service provided. To share a room with another course participant, please contact Shirley when you register for the Program.

Dormitory: $70/day or $350 for 5 nights – Bottom bunks only. Includes bed with common bath. Pillow and blanket provided. You may bring your own linens or pay $7.00 for one set of linens.

Course Registration Fee and CEs
The Program Registration Fees listed above include CE's for one discipline only, i.e. RN or LMT or LCSW, etc. If multiple CE's are desired, (RN and LMT, etc,) add $35 per additional discipline.

Program Cancellation Policy  
Due to IHCS financial commitments to DaySpring, cancellations must be received in writing and postmarked 5 weeks before the start date (postmarked by January 1, 2018) to Shirley at Integrated Health Care Systems at the address listed below, to receive registration refund minus a 15% processing fee. After this date, registration balance may be transferred within the same year and applied as credit toward the cost of another IHCS Program.

Program Changes
The TT Mentorship Program reserves the right to make program changes as necessary, and has the right to cancel a program if minimum enrollment has not been reached or events occur beyond reasonable control.

Getting Here 
DaySpring Conference Center is on the Florida Central Gulf Coast one-half hour south of St Petersburg in Parrish, Florida off Interstate 75 at the Ellenton Outlet Exit 224, US route 301.

Tampa International Airport services the area. DaySpring is 1 hour south of Tampa Airport by car. Rental cars and Transportation Services are available from the airport to DaySpring. Contact us early for further information and sharing rides.

Shared Ground Transportation -. If you wish to save money and share a car, please contact Shirley at the time you register for the program. We will try to put you together with another traveler.
To share a car, you must arrive by 2:00 PM to the Tampa International Airport. If coming from the U.S. West Coast, please contact Shirley prior to making your reservation. Contact us early for more information.

Start Time
The Program starts promptly on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 5:00 PM with a gathering, then dinner in the Dining Room. We will meet in the Lounge at 5:00 PM for a Social.
 Please plan to arrive at DaySpring between 2:00 - 3:00 PM so you may get checked in before the Social and Dinner.
We will meet after dinner for a Welcome Ceremony and Introduction to the Seminars

Link to Room Accomodations

Link to Faculty Bios

Link to DaySpring Photos

For More Information Please Contact:
Shirley Spear Begley
TT Mentorship Program Director
Integrated Health Care Systems, LLC 
3945 49th Avenue South 
St Petersburg, FL 33711 

Phone: (727) 337-4420 
Fax (727) 867-8580 



© Shirley Spear Begley, 2017