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Come to Florida!

Come Explore & Share with Us an Experience of Compassionate
Self-Care & Education with TT Teachers and Mentors!

The Lotus Flower of Compassion
A Seminar Series for Therapeutic Touch Teachers and Mentors and
Those Wishing to Learn How to Teach or Mentor

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    "In Eastern wisdom traditions, the lotus flower is a symbol of the mind awakened to wisdom and compassion. From its roots embedded in mud, arises a long tendril culminating in a pristine flower on the lake's surface. This symbol can be an analogy for the journey of the Therapeutic Touch therapist, teacher and mentor. Through TT we re-awaken to the Inner Self, then share this awareness with others through teaching TT. Our mutual growth and development is enhanced through our sharing, in roles as both students and teachers to one another."


A 5 Day Seminar to focus solely on your 
Individual Needs as a TT Educator and Mentor with 
content based on your applications
The Program Focuses How to Teach Intermediate TT, with an overview of TT Mentoring and the Basic TT Curriculum

Each Seminar will focus on development of the Four Aspects of Teaching TT

Year One   “Re-Awakening the Lotus” - The Basic TT Curriculum 
Year Two “Growing Inward, Reaching Outward” Focus: Development of Mentors and Starting or Enhancing a TT Mentorship Program. The Basic TT Curriculum will be reviewed. 
Year Three  “The Lotus Unfolds” – Basic to Intermediate TT Curriculum
Year Four  “Blossoming Into Wholeness” – Basic to Advanced TT Curriculum

Most recently taught between 2012 and 2016, contact us for new dates.

Year Two, Three and Four will offer information that includes learning for all teaching aspects of TT, allowing new Participants to join the sessions even if unable to attend Year One.



This Course is Appropriate for the Following Individuals:
Those who:
● Are new to teaching and mentoring and/or would like to become TT Teachers and/or Mentors.
● Already teach TT, and would like to enhance their TT teaching and mentoring skills
● Would like to become a Qualified TT Teacher (QTTT)

QTTTs who want to develop their:
● Ability to Teach All Aspects of TT (Mentorship, Intermediate, Advanced)
● Renew TT Credentials (QTTP or QTTT)
● Wish to Share their Enthusiasm for and Knowledge of TT teaching and mentoring.

Mentoring to Become a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher
or TT Mentor Available (QTTT or QTTP)

These courses meet criteria to Renew Your QTTP/QTTT Credentials with Therapeutic Touch International Associates, Inc., aka Nurse Healers-Professional Associates, Inc., the official organization of Therapeutic Touch.


30 Continuing Education Credits provided for each year's Seminar through
Provider No 50-1028, Integrated Health Care Systems, Inc. with the State of Florida:
Board of Registered Nurses, ARNPs, CNSs, Midwives,
Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors
Board of Licensed Massage Therapists & other Boards who accept Board of Nurses Credits 
ALL Other Professionals and Laypersons are Welcome!

More In-depth Information Provided Below

Instructors: Shirley Spear Begley, RN, BFA, HNB-BC, NCTMB, QTTT and
                     Rebecca Good, MA, RNC, LPC, QTTT

Both instructors are Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers (QTTTs) with extensive experience in Teaching and Mentoring TT, Adult Education and Group Facilitation. Combined, their Therapeutic Touch teaching and mentoring experience reaches over 50 years. Both were taught by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and Dora Kunz, the co-creators of TT. Therapeutic Touch has been an important and integral aspect of their lives.

Shirley and Rebecca were selected by Dolores Krieger as Mentors in the first TT Invitational Mentorship Programs respectively at Pumpkin Hollow and Indralaya. Shirley was selected by Dolores Krieger as the Program Coordinator followed by a role as Director of the Mentorship Program at Pumpkin Hollow. She now directs the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program going into its 3rd year in Crystal River, Florida. They both sat on the Education Committee developing NH-PAI/TTIA education curriculum and credentials. Rebecca assisted in the development and teaching of the NH-PAI Teacher Intensive Program. She is the Past Coordinator of Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, the official organization of Therapeutic Touch™ (now called the President of Therapeutic Touch International Associates.) More Complete Biographies click here.


For More Information: Call or Email Rebecca at or  801-942-5900 or Shirley at or 727-337-4420

More Course Information is Below – Scroll Down

Join Us and Continue to Blossom!

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 What is This Program?
    The Lotus Flower of Compassion Series was developed to provide opportunities for those who teach or mentor Therapeutic Touch and those who would like to teach or mentor TT to have the education and support of experienced teachers to support their development. Due to the nature of the selected setting, time for self-care and explorations in nature will be included. These excursion will allow reflective time to individually explore and develop the next steps on Your TT Journey. This Program was designed to meet both personal and professional needs which may arise for TT practitioners, teachers and mentors at all levels of expertise, both with long time experience or those newer to teaching and mentoring Therapeutic Touch. Although there is a foundation of teaching information,Program content is individualized on the basis of your application and interests. The learning and teaching environment is a cooperative venture between Teachers and Participants to solidify understanding, allow updates on TT information and bring new awareness and abilities.  The format is inclusive and encourages collaboration and sharing.

   Those newer to teaching or mentoring Therapeutic Touch may be seeking knowledge and confidence to further develop teaching and/or mentoring skills. Our methods enhance your ability to assess and respond to your students and the cues presented in the classroom. Sensing the energy field in a more in-depth manner during teaching will be explored. Methods relating to the development of a Mentoring Program will be provided so you can start a program in your area.      

   Advanced TT Teachers and mentors are welcomed as a means of renewing their enthusiasm for teaching TT, sharing tried and true methods that have worked for them and interact with other experienced TT therapists. The goal is to connect and explore pre-determined topics of interest to teachers/mentors within the Program’s structure. Our creative and accomplished faculty has extensive experience in the clinical practice, teaching and mentoring of the TT process, research, meditation, holistic and integrative healthcare methods to incorporate with TT, as well as principles of adult learning and group facilitation. Since the initiation of Therapeutic Touch qualifications, Shirley and Rebecca have both been very involved in the Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International (NH-PAI) curriculum development. The Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International is the organization’s credentialing body. Therapeutic Touch International Association is the Therapeutic Touch Membership organization. Rebecca held the position on NH-PAI’s Board of Trustees as Coordinator, (now called President). Shirley was selected by Dolores Krieger, PhD,RN, the co-creator of Therapeutic Touch as Director of the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program. Both Rebecca and Shirley have sat on the organization’s Education Committees. Both have been long-time Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers and Mentors (QTTT/QTTM) with extensive TT experience. Course Evaluations consistently rate them as excellent, innovative teachers.

   All Program educational offerings meet criteria for international Therapeutic Touch credentialing and recertification CEs for renewal for those already credentialed at QTTP and QTTT. These Continuing Education credits are also appropriate for State Licensure Renewal.

Why Should I Attend? 
    Within a small group setting, we as Therapeutic Touch Teachers work together to support our mutual yet individualized learning, to enhance and deepen our TT experience. You will learn how to create and develop a mentoring program, hone new teaching/mentoring skills, broaden your knowledge base, hone powers of observation and intuition through connection with the inner self, gain confidence in teaching TT within a variety of clinical settings, learn about approaches to marketing your teaching and more. Support in understanding the requirements and application to obtain a national credential to become a Qualified TT Teacher is provided.

After the Program, Mentoring in becoming a TT Teacher for all aspects of TT teaching (Basic, Mentorship, Intermediate and Advanced) is available. If you are looking for a Teaching Mentor, we offer a variety of programs to work with you on a continuing basis, including long distance mentoring.  If you are a more advanced TT Practitioner and/or Teacher/Mentor, various topics and aspects of TT and its application are discussed and examined with like-minded, experienced TT therapists. (See “Program Methods for Experienced Practitioners and Teachers” below.)

Shirley Spear Begley, RN, BFA, HNB-BC, QTTT, NCTMB, Director, Experienced TT Teacher of 26 years and Therapeutic Touch International Associates, Inc. Qualified TT Teacher.
Rebecca Good, MA, RNC, LPC, QTTT, Experienced TT Teacher of 25 years and Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International/Therapeutic Touch International Association Qualified TT Teacher.

LINK to Bios

Program Methods*
Individualized Learning over an Intensive 4 Day Period
Focus on Your Specific Needs through Small Group Discussions
Interactive Seminars and TT Teaching Exercises
Centering, Meditation, Kripalu Yoga and Movement to enhance intuition and sensitivity to energy flows both within TT and in the classroom setting.
Self-Healing Exercises 
Time for Reflection and Self-Care in a Beautiful, Natural Setting
Swim with the Manatees or just observe them in their natural habitat, Three Sisters Springs, with 72 degree water year round. (Group Trip arranged.)
Pool, Spa, Beach, Nature Trails, Boating, River, Golf Course, Shopping and More.

Important Details

Program Pre-requisite
Basic and Intermediate TT courses and 5 years regular TT experience.

30 CEs: State of Florida Approved CEs provided for
Registered and Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists
Licensed Massage Therapists
Licensed Social Workers
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
Licensed Mental Health Counselors
Other Professionals ~ CEs Available ~ Contact Us for Details
Most States offer reciprocity of continuing education courses approved by Florida’s State Boards.

Laypersons Welcome

All are Encouraged to Apply
Acceptance to the Program is by Application Only.  . 
(Please contact Shirley at the info below if unsure you qualify.)
(Click Here for Application)


***Registration Information***  


For More Information Please Contact
Shirley Spear Begley
TT Teachers' Program Director

Executive Director
Integrated Health Care Systems
3945 49th Avenue South
St Petersburg, FL 33711
Phone: (727) 337-4420
Fax (727) 867-8580

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