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Shirley Spear Begley, RN, BFA, HNB-BC, NCTMB, CCHT, QTTT is the Executive Director of Integrated Health Care Systems, a holistic nursing consultation and education organization created in 1982, now based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Shirley’s private practice and seminars focus on combining relationship-centered care, holistic nursing, Therapeutic Touch and integrative modalities with conventional nursing. Nationally board-certified in holistic nursing and therapeutic massage and bodywork, she also holds certifications in education, Guided Imagery, Gestalt psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, group facilitation, and as an internationally Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher.

An international conference presenter, she has been seen on CNBC (a forerunner of MsNBC), speaking on Guided Imagery to over 10 million viewers. A former intensive care nurse and Director of Nurses, Shirley was a Project Manager for Globe Med, an integrative healthcare delivery system for Global Good Services, a not-for-profit organization created in conjunction with Native American Nations. She held a faculty appointment at the University of South Florida and lectures in the colleges of nursing, medicine, public health and social work. She has sat on several organization’s boards where she has helped shape policy in integrative healthcare.

Shirley learned Therapeutic Touch in 1982 and not until 1992 did she begin direct mentoring with Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN when invited to the International TT Invitational Programs. Due to her personal experience of years without a TT mentor, in 1995 she initiated a TT mentorship through her organization, leading to national TT credentialing through NH-PAI. In 1999 she was invited by Dr Krieger to mentor in the TT Invitational Mentorship Program, and in 2004, she became the coordinator. She worked for years with Dr Krieger creating this Program and in 2009 Dr Krieger selected Shirley as Director. She also directs the Mid-Winter TT Retreat and Mentorship Program in St Pete Beach, Florida. For 8 years she sat on the TTIA/NHPAI education committee to create TT curricula, and was a credentials reviewer. She has recently returned to the committee to create mentorship guidelines for the organization. Shirley has taught TT to well over 2000 nurses and healthcare providers.

A 3D studio artist, and published author, her article Feeling the Flow: The Energetic Language of TT was the cover story for Massage Magazine. Advance for Nurses sent her on assignment to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador to write on ecology and health.  A long time student of Eastern thought and meditation, the Journal of Holistic Nursing also published an article Transcultural Nursing and Tibetan Buddhist Medicine, based on her nursing care of a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master. Traveling extensively internationally Shirley has studied for over 30 years with masters of the world’s wisdom traditions including the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Her primary approach to TT is based on the importance of centering, and the resultant compassion developed within the practitioner.  Shirley encourages students to deepen their awareness by combining a knowledgeable foundation of TT with trusting one’s personal experience.  Through her on-going courses and national mentorship programs that lead to the QTTP credential, her students have provided TT for residents in the continuum of healthcare settings, senior facilities and hospice.  Shirley provides consults for the Suncoast Hospice where she offers integrative modalities to patients during the admissions process. 

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Rebecca M. Good, MA, RNC, LPC
Holistic Counselor and Therapist and credentialed THERAPEUTIC TOUCH Practitioner, Mentor and Teacher

Rebecca became a nurse before technology. She likes to say that she is an original holistic nurse.  Patients were seen as whole beings and not just a diagnosis.  There were no machines doing any part of nursing care.  The hands and heart were essential in every interaction and an automatic part of every care plan. Therapeutic Touch came as a natural process for Rebecca when she took her first class from Dr Dolores Krieger at NYU in 1986.  

Rebecca received her Master's degree from New York University in New York City and her initial Nursing Education at Akron General Medical Center and the University of Akron in  Akron, Ohio.  She is presently certified as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, an AIDS Certified RN by the National Association for Nurses in AIDS care. Rebecca is Licensed as both a Registered Nurse and a Professional Counselor by the state of Utah. She is a national Board Certified Counselor (NBCC). She has been an active RN for more than 40 years with experience in most areas of clinical practice including hospice and case management.

At present, Rebecca lives in Salt Lake City Utah where she is in private practice. She is a Holistic Counselor and Therapist and Therapeutic Touch (TT) Teacher, Mentor, Lecturer and Clinical Consultant.  Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International (NH-PAI) aka Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA) recognizes Rebecca as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher, Mentor and Practitioner (QTTT).  She served on the Board of NH-PAI  as Coordinator and Education Trustee in the past. At present, she is on the TTIA Education Committee.

Rebecca has been included in Who’s Who in Nursing, and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. She has extensive nursing as well as counseling and therapy experience in working with individuals with acute, chronic and terminal illnesses and their families, and with issues related to grief and loss. In addition she has had extensive experiences in many areas of mental health including depression, stress, anxiety, couple and family issues, and group counseling.  Rebecca works with individuals of all ages.

Rebecca served as a Mentor at Camp Indralaya in 2000 and 2008, a teacher in the Intensive for Teachers at Camp Indralya 2002 and 2003. She assisted in development of this program. She also helped coordinate and develop the Therapeutic Touch Teaching Guidelines/ Curriculum at all levels as well as the TT Credentialing program .   Rebecca has been practicing Therapeutic Touch since 1986 and has been teaching TT since 1990.  She has studied annually with both Dr Krieger and Dora Van Gelder Kunz, co developers of TT, since 1993.  


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